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Property Management

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Our property management team is comprised of Certified Managers of Community Associations (CMCA) and Association Manager Specialists (AMS). TACS focuses on developing function-specific best practices in the real estate industry. Our best practices are designed to improve quality, to develop innovative approaches, to set company accountability standards, and to measure performance objectives. Through our on-going case studies and educational seminars, TACS has been instrumental in cultivating, expanding, and strengthening the core property values of homeowners. TACS has revolutionized the industry by providing a new school of thought for our clients through a unique cost saving approach that is beneficial to everyone even other property management companies. TACS is committed to customer service excellence. Our business approach to brand loyalty is a reciprocal relationship that begins within the business. We provide a high level of customer service for our clients while building a strong sense of trust, community awareness, security, and unity. TACS unique approach to our product and core values sets us apart from our competitors. We assist our clients with preserving, maintaining and enhancing their community therefore promoting and improving the brand reputation. As innovative professionals we develop a courteous working environment indicative of your needs. We believe that a business must be loyal to its customers in order to receive loyalty in return. We also perform community analysis to help and refer Board of Directors to full service property management companies. With our beliefs in place, brand loyalty is and will always remain one of core values. No wonder why other property management companies trust us!!