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Our inspection services are designed to assist Board of Directors, Architectural/Covenants Committees, Property Managers, Management Companies, Homeowners, Developers and Realtors.  In addition, we provide consulting services designed to assist our clients in establishing general covenant procedures specific to their needs. The primary purpose of a community association is to provide for the governance, business, and communal aspects of the association.  This is achieved by administering, maintaining, and enhancing a residential real estate development, and through the establishment of a system of property rights, binding covenants and restrictions, and rules and regulations. Our services include, but not limited to:
  • Periodic Covenant Inspections
  • Base-line Covenant Inspections
  • Resale Home Inspections
  • Common Area Inspections
  • Architectural Control
  • Consulting Services
  • Attendance at Board Meetings
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Digital photos of findings
  • Notice/certified letter mailings
  • Online service contractor recommendations
As current homeowners and certified community managers, we understand the importance of protecting your primary investment.  Homeownership is typically one of your largest investments and is of great sentimental value.  Unfortunately, not all homeowners take pride in the maintenance of their homes.  Such neglect can often lower the resale or appraised value of their property.  Hence, the enforcement of covenants is imperative when protecting the property value.  T&A Covenant Solutions was developed in response to the increased effort to maintain, enhance, and preserve one’s property value.  This picture is a humorous depiction of a disgruntled neighbor that just witnessed an eye sore on his neighbor’s lawn. An eye sore can typically cost surrounding neighbors thousands of dollars off their appraised value. Our professionals will ensure and document that all residents within your community are in compliance according to the associations governing documents, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s ), rules and regulations, architectural guidelines and state statues. Periodic Covenant Inspections usually vary depending on the needs of the association. The inspections can be performed annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly. They typically include observations of maintenance and architectural violations on a routine basis.  A Base-line Covenant Inspection is a comprehensive community inspection of each home and the common areas, which entails a full report of noted violations. The reports generally include photos, a spreadsheet, graphs and charts. This service usually gives the client a general synopsis of the current condition of the community with the intent to perform further inspections.  A Resale Home Inspection is a property inspection of a single unit. This service generally discloses any and all covenant violations pending a particular home and/or unit. Its primary purpose is to protect buyers from purchasing a home that is in violation of the associations’ covenants.  A Common Area Inspection is a comprehensive community inspection of the common areas and the association’s common elements only. Architectural Control is the process in which we oversee structural modifications performed within new and/or existing communities. This service generally includes: processing architectural request (applications) for Board and/or Committee approval.
an inspection of the approved project from start to finish to ensure compliance.
a photo of the completed structural modification or addition with a confirmation letter signed by one of our professionals, only if feasible. Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:
  • establishing covenant procedures
  • developing rules and regulations
  • developing resolutions
  • developing committee charters
  • coordinating covenant “HEARINGS”