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Project Management

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TACS uses project management software to provide the visibility and business intelligence needed to align corporate strategy with project execution. This helps TACS achieve portfolio optimization and maximizes our project capacity planning. TACS is actively pursuing its Project Management certification and understands the high demand for project managers especially in the real estate industry. TACS employs individuals with the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation that are capable of handling property management related tasks for property management firms and community associations. Through our affiliations, there is no project too small or too big. TACS has the right solution for you. The key to project management is timing. According to www.projectmanagement.com, “The key to a successful project is to JPACE it -- that is, to Justify, Plan, Activate, Control and End it the right way. A full life cycle project management process is the essential connective tissue that holds every development project together. It's the disciplined prescription for getting executive buy-in with a solid business case; for defining the project plan, schedule, budget, resources, risks, scope; for securing the resources, motivating the players and launching the project; for monitoring all project activities and deliverables against plan, tracking issues and communicating progress; and for capturing the successes and lessons learned for the next time around (2003).” At TACS we believe in making your visions become your reality.