Go TACS Global is an inspirational movement symbolized by the convenat between God and man!!!

AFRICAN-CHILD1Introduction: Go TACS Global is a concept inspired by the covenant between God and man, in which God promised to protect our land if we keep His law and are faithful to Him. In a world characterized by money, power, and greed, TACS strives to be a beacon of light through its philanthropic efforts/projects. Founder and CEO, Femi Aje, is committed to strengthening not only the infrastructure in communities but also the human spirit within them.

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GO TACS GlobalSeminars

Informs and educates customers on how to be involved and donate to charity based organizations.

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GO TACS Global Internships

Involves customers in missions and day to day company faith based activities and functions.

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GO TACS Global Discounts

Allows T&A to financially give back to churches (10% tithes) and other non-profit organizations committed to relief and position change within the world.

Charities: Go TACS Global is proud to be a major contributor and supporter of:

Africa Needs U ("ANU"), a non-profit advocacy organization. Their vision is a world where the majority of the people are united in the goal of a better life and development of others in the same world through increased giving. The organization was formed with the aim of encouraging a significant increase in the level of giving towards the physical and spiritual development of others around us especially in the African continent. Visit them on the web at: www.africaneedsu.org.

The Stark Truth is a faith based ministry serving in missions across the global and seeking to minister the Word of God to a multitude of nations. Through the reading of biblical scriptures with others and insights into Christ as the fulfillment and center of all God’s plans, they call people to repentance and establish faith in Him. Their goal now and in the years to come is to help establish Churches that worship God rightly, feed and nourish the flock, and reach out to the world in witness to Jesus Christ. Visit them on the web at: www.thestarktruth.wordpress.com.

If Go TACS Global can be of assistance to you, your church, your organization, or your communities please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dayspring Revival Ministry International, Inc. was created with the vision to lift up the spirit of people all over the world, while charitably giving to those people who do not have food, clothing and water globally. (Luke 10:25-37). Dayspring raises funds in an effort to assist in the development of third world countries. Dayspring donates computers, IT equipment, books, food, water, clothing, hospital equipment, agriculture equipment, and anything else that is needed. Visit www.dayspringrmi.org/3301.html.


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